Jun 30 2022


HOLOWITS Launches Series of Software-Defined Cameras and Intelligent Micro Edge Products to Accelerate Industry Digitalization

[Singapore, June 30, 2022] Today, under the theme Everything Sensing for an Intelligent World, HOLOWITS held an online product launch which debuted its series of intelligent vision products, including the innovative Software-Defined Cameras (SDCs), such as the Eco-Cube camera, ITS camera with the strongest computing power in the industry, dual-lens intelligent camera, AI dual-lens PTZ dome camera, and LIV series intelligent camera. The event also released scenario-based solutions built on the advantages of HOLOWITS product portfolio.

Jade Liu, senior product manager of HOLOWITS, described how the video security industry has entered an intelligent era, and that now, cameras need to provide both video images and intelligent structured data. Since this is just not possible due to the tight software and hardware coupling of conventional cameras, HOLOWITS proposes SDCs that integrate cutting-edge AI processors, an open OS, and future-proof ecosystem. The AI cameras decouple intelligent algorithms from hardware, and support online upgrades and self-learning. Put simply, once deployed, the camera’s algorithms evolve throughout the entire hardware lifecycle. This is a ground-breaking innovation for the whole industry. HOLOWITS has incredible vision technology based on ultimate computing power, together with various algorithms, to provide a full series of SDCs to cope with different scenarios, and to accelerate intelligent vision into operation.

Eco-Cube camera: The premium camera provides high definition video streams even in difficult environments, such as areas that lack grid power or network connections. Based on VideoX technology, it supports eight cascaded secondary cameras in star or chain networking, and runs in radar-triggered, scheduled, and remote wakeup modes to ensure 72-hour standby time. The camera supports remote O&M. For example, the built-in antenna can automatically find the best signal angle of arrival, while personnel can remotely check the charging/discharging status and locate faults remotely using the black box.

ITS camera: Offering the industry’s strongest computing power, the camera is tailored for checkpoint low-light conditions. It can detect road traffic and provide full-color videos at night without producing light pollution or flash, ensuring road safety.

Dual-lens intelligent camera: The camera integrates the π-type heat dissipation technology and dual-lens system into a compact camera body. It can provide both panoramic views and incredible object details even in low light conditions. What’s more, the camera can classify motor vehicles, non-motorized vehicles, and pedestrians, recognize vehicles, and detect traffic events.

AI dual-lens PTZ dome camera: The camera is equipped with both a prime lens and a zoom lens that can pan and tilt simultaneously, to capture both panoramic and in-depth images. It supports automatic trajectory, behavior, and crowd flow analysis, as well as target and person detection.

LIV series intelligent camera: The camera is designed for the high-performance distribution market, providing 1 TOPS computing power, 1 GB memory, 8 GB eMMC flash, and an open OS, and also adapts to backlight and overcast environments. The camera is issued with two built-in microphones and speakers for the voice intercom system, while users can use preset voice notifications or import custom audio files on demand.

In addition, the SDCs are compatible with platforms and cloud services to provide customers running diverse workloads with advanced intelligent capabilities.HWT-IVS 1800: Features cutting-edge AI processors to support four concurrent algorithms, 16 channels of video analysis, and 64 channels of image analysis.

HWT-NVR800: Provides comprehensive intelligent services facilitated by ultra-large capacity and shared computing capabilities.

HOLOWITS cloud service: Provides intelligent and native video cloud services to drive digital transformation for SMEs.

To continuously innovate premium solutions, HOLOWITS works with partners to develop leading-edge solutions for a variety of fields and sectors, such as intelligent transportation, power grid, smart cities, school campuses, and retail. The full series of intelligent cameras and platforms are just the first step to building a world where all things can sense, to reinvent every aspect of our lives.

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