Magnus Partner programs

Magnus Partner programs are designed to share our vision, products and solutions with resellers, systems integrators by wanting them to deliver our solutions across the region.

Let’s win this race together


We partner for tech training sessions on latest developments with vendors, ensuring regular updates.


An aggressive marketing team ensures that every brand gets the visibility to their right market.


Our accredited experts offer pre-sales consultancy, solution design, and design review for partners' projects.


Magnus ensures the seamless movement of products from the warehouse to the customer location.

Here’s what our partners have been saying about us

David Smith

At Magnus we are focused on closely following the development of relevant international and local laws and regulations by embedding compliance in our culture and day to day operations.

Emma Johnson

All of our products come with the standard warranty provided by the manufacturer to ensure your peace of mind and satisfaction.

Michael Brown

Assertively iterate resource maximizing products after leading-edge intellectual capital software developments.

Sarah Davis

At no time are these vendors, or any other third party, able to access your customer list, employees, leads and/or any other data that you run through the platform. All of your data is kept 100% private and secure on our servers.


Become a Magnus Partner

Join the Magnus Partner Program and become a part of a global community of partners who thrive by positioning Magnus top brand products in an evolving and growing market. You amplify sales, leverage industry knowledge, and accelerate customer acquisition with Magnus.

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