Parking Violation Detection

Nov 02 2021


Parking Violation Detection

In today’s busy cities, traffic congestion is a very annoying problem, especially at passenger pickup locations like bus and train stations, and of course the airport. In order to reduce this traffic problem, more police officers are needed to patrol these areas and move or tow illegally parked vehicles. In order to reduce the number of illegally parked cars while also reducing labor costs, VIVOTEK offers our Parking Violation Detection solution. If a car is illegally parked, the Parking Violation Detection solution can instantly notify the surveillance command center in real time, from there the center can notify the closest police officer to go handle the illegally parked vehicle.

In addition to the above application, it can also be used to detect illegally parked vehicles around no parking areas such as fire hydrants and hospital emergency zones, therefore aiding in preventing fire trucks or ambulances from losing precious time during critical emergencies.

Deep Learning Technology

The core of VIVOTEK’s Parking Violation Detection is a deep learning AI engine offering advanced accuracy in vehicle detection compared with traditional rule-based designs. VIVOTEK took advantage of its extensive experience in the surveillance field and resulting vast image databases to develop a neural-network powered detection engine for the vehicle form. Based on a database of vehicle silhouettes and rapid responses via a pre-trained deep learning model, the smart engine instantly recognizes the appearance of human and vehicle forms in the surveillance area. As vehicles and people are the objects of interest in the majority of video surveillance, the people-detection/vehicle-detection feature enables users to quickly configure their installation. With vehicle-detection, only vehicle movements will serve as event triggers, while swaying vegetation, people passing by, or animal movements in the scene will be ignored. This both helps reduce false alarms, as well as minimize the time and effort needed for setting up camera configuration.

Example Application Scenarios

  • The vehicle is parked on a road where parking is prohibited.
  • The vehicle stayed at passenger pickup too long.

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